Wireless SImulation Environment for Multimedia Networks

Christian Nastasi (SSSA)



Simulator source files: wise-mnet-v0.1.tar.gz



The Wireless Simulation Environment for Multimedia Sensor Networks (WiSE-MNet ) has been designed to simulate distributed algorithms for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) under realistic network conditions. The simulation environment is based on one of the  most popular network simulator: OMNeT++. Among the several simulation models for the OMNeT++ environment, Castalia is the one that has been designed with similar goals, although it focuses on classic Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).WiSE-MNet is proposed as an extension of the Castalia/OMNeT++ simulator.

The main extensions of the Castalia simulation model are:

  • generalization of the sensor data-type (from scalar-based to any type);
  • concrete modules for: moving target, camera modelling, target tracking application;
  • simple GUI for 2D world representation;
  • idealistic communication and direct application communication.