Integrated Transport and Logistics

In 2013, a long term partnership has been signed between CNIT and the Livorno Port Authority to supervise the development of new devices, networks, and services targeted to transportation and logistics at the Port of Livorno. The  main philosophy is that of adopting frontier technologies as envisioned by the so called Intelligent Transport Systems.

New technologies applied to all modes of transportation are being considered with a special attention to roads and railways.

A preliminary feasibility study for an integrated network encompassing the Port landside and the Freight Village ("Interporto A. Vespucci") is ongoing and other projects are either planned or already submitted to regional, national, and international research programmes.

On behalf of the Livorno Port Authority, CNIT organizes an international workshop on ICT innovation in Ports and Terminals on a yearly basis. In 2014 Livorno hosted the event, co-sponsored by Fleming Europe with the high patronage of Regione Toscana.

Contacts: Paolo Pagano (CNIT)Antonella Querci (Livorno Port Authority)Francescalberto De Bari (Livorno Port Authority)


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