Ceremony for the presentation of a joint APL/CNIT lab

 gallanti vernazza_invitation

On October 14th the President of the Livorno Port Authority and the CNIT director have signed an agreement aimed at opening a permanent testing facility at the port landside.

 The “Joint Laboratory of Advanced Sensing Networks & Communication in Sea Ports” has been kicked off with the following objectives:

  • to provide a continuous and effective presence of CNIT researchers at the Port in order to support the design and implementation of the ICT technical agenda;
  • to provide an accessible and ready testing and experimentation ambient to Italian and European partners either industries or academia.
  • incrementally deploy a Service and Control Room for the Port starting from the most innovative applications;
  • guarantee an outstanding level of education and training for the (forthcoming) port operators.


 Paolo Pagano is the director of the lab. See the presentation delivered at the ceremony:


apl 20151014_pagano