ISO TC 204 WG16 meeting in Pisa



About the event:


Within the standardization of architectures and communication protocols for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), CNIT has hosted from February 16th to 20th, at the National Laboratory of Photonic Networks of Pisa, the periodic meeting of the Working Group 16 ("Communications") in the ISO TC 204 international committee.

The activities of the meeting will address the preparation and update of international standards about LTE, the regulation of the 5.9 GHz technology  for V2X (with the intent of harmonizing international standards already in force), integration of  Wireless Sensor Networks in the ITS architecture.

In the latter topic, Dr. Paolo Pagano (CNIT researcher and area leader of  "Networks of Embedded Systems" at the TeCIP institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa)  got the ISO editorship of two International Standards having the scope of integrating  6LoWPAN and COAP IETF suite of protocols, at the network and facility layers of the ITS.